Legend of the Firestorm Dragon Balls is a free-editing story created by The RK of DOA(now Ultimate Dark Carnage). It is about Samuel trying to go to Planet Extremes to get the 8 Firestorm Dragon Balls. There is an obstacle, including robots, dragons, and the formidable Vegeta.


The story begins with Samuel and his father at the bar. They was watching a football game, but unfortunately, an unknown explosion happened near the bar. The unknown explosion was revealed to be aliens with bombs in their bodies.


Samuel: Wooo, LET'S GO GRATERS!!


  • Main Characters
    • Samuel (protagonist)
    • (that can be you..)
    • (that can be you..)
    • (that can be you..)
    • (that can be you..)
    • (that can be you..)

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